Gatestone’s Khaled Abu Toameh: “For the mainstream media in the West, the conflict…is only between good guys and bad guys. The good guys being the poor oppressed Palestinians and the bad guys are the Israelis” [VIDEO]

Khaled Abu Toameh on the Life of a Pro-Israeli Arab-Muslim
December 20, 2017

…I first met my friend Nina Rosenwald in Jerusalem and we were chatting and she asked me, “Why are you so unhappy? What’s going on over here?” And I told her, “Listen, I mean we have a very serious problem. I am offering all these journalists many stories that they do not want to report, mainly, because these stories do not reflect negatively on Israel,” and she said, “You know what? Give me all the stories that your editors don’t want to publish.” And that’s how we started publishing in Gatestone I found it to be very helpful because it actually provided a voice for those who do not have a voice over there or those who want to offer the other side of the story. READ MORE

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