“How Americans of both political parties can come together to support the Iranian people”

Where We Can Agree on Iran
by Mark Dubowitz and Daniel B. Shapiro
January 1, 2018

Imagine a free, democratic, independent and wealthy Iran giving full expression to the beauty of Persian culture and the brains and spirit of its people. Imagine a political, clerical and military elite that doesn’t steal its country’s patrimony while brutally repressing its own peopleand terrorizing its neighbors. We are long-time friends who have disagreed vehemently on the wisdom of President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran; Dan is Obama’s former ambassador to Israel, and Mark is one of that agreement’s most persistent critics. But we agree with equal passion that Americans, regardless of party or position on the nuclear deal, should be supporting the aspirations of Iranians to be free from their brutal and corrupt rulers.READ MORE

LEGAL INSURRECTION For Some Reason, Obama Officials Want People to Ignore Iran Protests

DAILY WIRE NYT Plays Defense For Iranian Mullahs: Demonstrators ‘Ignored Calls For Calm,’ Defied ‘Moderate’ Iranian Leadership

FREE BEACON U.S. Sides With Anti-Iranian Regime Protesters Amid Crackdown

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