The United Nations and UNRWA have “created a lineage of displacement, almost genetic, that passes from father to son, and from one generation to the next” [VIDEO]

UNRWA – the great refugee charade
by Nadav Shragai
January 7, 2017

Finally, someone is shaking the foundations beneath one of the biggest charades, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. Thanks to the twisted mandate it got from the U.N. in the 1950s, it has perpetuated the plight of Palestinian refugees from one generation to the next. The mandate prohibits UNRWA from resettling those “refugees” and find them a permanent home, ensuring that they keep entertaining the idea that one day they will get the “right of return.” Now the Trump administration has taken steps to defund the organization, perhaps not for the right reasons, if the Palestinians fail to return to the negotiating table. It has so far put on hold half of the funding it normally gives each year. READ MORE

ABU YEHUDA Why UNRWA has to go

NGO MONITOR UNICEF and its NGO Working Group: The Campaign to Blacklist the IDF

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