Muslim World League, known for exporting anti-Semitism, comes out against Holocaust denial

Muslim World League: Holocaust is a crime that no one can deny or undermine
by Staff
January 26, 2018

The head of the Saudi-based Muslim World League, Dr. Mohammad Alissa, on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day expressed “great sympathy with the victims of the Holocaust, an incident that shook humanity to the core, and created an event whose horrors could not be denied or underrated by any fair-minded or peace-loving person.” Dr Alissa is the Secretary General, Muslim World League, and the President of the International Organization of Muslim Scholars…Dr Alissa said that the Muslim World League considers “any denial of the Holocaust or minimizing of its effect a crime to distort history and an insult to the dignity of those innocent souls who have perished. READ MORE

To read the letter, Statement on Holocaust Remembrance from Head of Saudi-Based Muslim World League sent to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, click here.

JNS Spare us your Holocaust hypocrisy: The only real memorial to the Holocaust isn’t any statue or even the museums about the Shoah that have proliferated around the world. It’s the state of Israel.

TIMES OF ISRAEL Netanyahu, Polish PM talk, agree to iron out row over Holocaust legislation

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