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USHMM statement on Holocaust analogies addresses an employee’s tweets and indirectly, AOC comments

FREE BEACON US Holocaust Museum Rejects AOC’s Concentration Camp Remarks by Philip Caldwell June 24, 2019 In a statement Monday, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum disavowed comparisons between the Holocaust and other events. The statement follows the recent media storm … Continue reading

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US Holocaust Memorial Museum “remains what it would prefer not to be: pertinent to understanding not only the past but the present”

NATIONAL REVIEW The Vilest and Noblest Manifestations of Humanity by George Will April 26, 2018 As the museum of human nature, aka the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, marks its 25th anniversary, it continues to receive artifacts, such as a … Continue reading

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Sometimes there are more important things to do than spend time at a Holocaust Museum

HUFF POST Lawmaker Who Blamed Storm On Jewish Bankers Takes Bizarre Trip To Holocaust Museum by Ed Mazza April 20, 2018 A Democratic lawmaker in Washington, D.C., who once blamed a winter storm on Jewish bankers visited the U.S. Holocaust Memorial … Continue reading

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Muslim World League, known for exporting anti-Semitism, comes out against Holocaust denial

AL ARABIYA ENGLISH Muslim World League: Holocaust is a crime that no one can deny or undermine by Staff January 26, 2018 The head of the Saudi-based Muslim World League, Dr. Mohammad Alissa, on the occasion of the International Holocaust … Continue reading

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“Shame on the US Holocaust Memorial Museum,” said Leon Wieseltier, the literary critic and fellow at the Brookings Institution, who slammed the Museum for “releasing an allegedly scientific study that justifies bystanderism”

NY POST EDITORIAL BOARD Playing politics with the Holocaust Museum Editorial Board September 9, 2017 What will it take to keep the United States Holocaust Museum free of political interference and manipulation? The problem first popped up soon after its … Continue reading

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Former NBA player Ray Allen: “I didn’t go to Poland as black person, a white person, a Christian person or a Jewish person — I went as a human being” [VIDEO]

THE PLAYERS TRIBUNE Why I Went to Auschwitz by Ray Allen August 3, 2017 …I took that [Auschwitz] trip just a few months ago. It was my first time in Poland. I went there to learn more about something that had … Continue reading

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Ray Allen, 10-time NBA All-Star sworn in to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Council

THE UNDEFEATED Ray Allen talks about his passion for teaching others about the Holocaust by Kelley D. Evans April 28, 2017 After former NBA 3-point legend Ray Allen retired in November 2016, the two-time NBA champ picked up something he’d … Continue reading

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