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Auschwitz exhibition at NYC’s Museum of Jewish Heritage ‏”engaging and moving, though too often the Jewish victims seem to be afterthoughts”

WALL STREET JOURNAL An Auschwitz Exhibition Fails the Jews by Edward Rothstein May 11, 2019 …In the introductory section, Jews seem like afterthoughts, secondary to more fundamental political hatreds. Even in portraying the death machinery, descriptions are made as broad … Continue reading

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“Poland’s ambassador to the UK says culture, history and science offer plenty of reasons for Jews to rediscover his country”

JEWISH CHRONICLE Why Auschwitz is not the only reason for Jews to visit my country by Arkady Rzegocki April 19, 2019 …It is difficult to imagine modern-day Poland without Jewish heritage, which is why when visiting Auschwitz and learning about … Continue reading

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Poland: “The bill would impose prison sentences of up to three years for mentioning the term “Polish death camps” and for suggesting “publicly and against the facts” complicity on the part of the Polish nation or state in Nazi Germany crimes”

REUTERS Pressure mounts on Poland to back away from Holocaust bill by Lidia Kelly and Anna Wlodarczak February 3, 2018 Poland is seeing a resurgence of anti-Semitism over pending legislation that would impose jail terms for suggestions that the nation … Continue reading

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Former NBA player Ray Allen: “I didn’t go to Poland as black person, a white person, a Christian person or a Jewish person — I went as a human being” [VIDEO]

THE PLAYERS TRIBUNE Why I Went to Auschwitz by Ray Allen August 3, 2017 …I took that [Auschwitz] trip just a few months ago. It was my first time in Poland. I went there to learn more about something that had … Continue reading

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‘Yolocaust’ Tourism: “Oblivious to the cameras, most visitors to the camps look aimless and bored. Some take smiling selfies at the ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ gate” [VIDEOS]

TIMES OF ISRAEL ‘Holocaust tourism’ laid bare in eye-opening documentary by Gabe Friedman February 17, 2017 …Just what constitutes appropriate behavior at a Holocaust memorial site has been a hot topic recently. Last month, the Israeli-German writer and satirist Shahak … Continue reading

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“My visit to Europe made one thing unmistakably clear: if there is any group in the world that needs a safe homeland — a sanctuary from bigotry and hatred — it is the Jewish people”

GATESTONE A Visit to the Old and New Hells of Europe Provides a Reminder of Israel’s Importance by Alan M. Dershowitz May 17, 2016 …There was not a moment during my visit to Europe that I was not reminded of … Continue reading

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The best revenge is outliving the bastards

DAILY MAIL Israeli Holocaust survivor says the secret to long life ‘is determined from above’ as he is officially recognized as the world’s oldest man at 112 by Amie Gordon March 11, 2016 A Holocaust survivor who lived through both … Continue reading

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