Auschwitz exhibition at NYC’s Museum of Jewish Heritage ‏”engaging and moving, though too often the Jewish victims seem to be afterthoughts”

An Auschwitz Exhibition Fails the Jews
by Edward Rothstein
May 11, 2019

…In the introductory section, Jews seem like afterthoughts, secondary to more fundamental political hatreds. Even in portraying the death machinery, descriptions are made as broad as possible: “Trains, traveling around the clock, brought 1.3 million Jews, Poles, Roma, and other enemies of the Third Reich, real or perceived, to Auschwitz.”…Make no mistake: This show wields considerable power, but, like most Holocaust exhibitions (aside from Yad Vashem in Jerusalem), it is oddly discomfited by that Judaic center and overly content with contemporary platitudes. READ MORE SUBSCRIPTION CONTENT

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