“The New Yorker even published a column asserting how the #Parkland survivors started the “#NeverAgain” movement”

Memo to gun control activists: #NeverAgain means one thing only
by Tiffany Gabbay
March 13, 2018

I don’t believe in “oppression Olympics.” Human beings the world over who are persecuted, subjugated, ethnically cleansed, left behind, or targeted for violence in any way — be they innocent children gunned down at an American school or a minority community trampled under the jackboot of a totalitarian regime — deserve our attention, compassion, and aid. We should be able to recognize the legitimate suffering of others without qualifiers or caveats or above all, feeling the need to displace one victim to make room for another. Which is why I am so disturbed by the coopting of the phrase “Never Again.” READ MORE

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