“For many of the young writers and editors entering the trade, journalism is exactly about creating the world idealized on college campuses, a world of radical egalitarianism, subjectivity, multiplicity, hybridity…”

The Battle of Woke Island: The New York Times, Kevin Williamson, and the politics of the campus
by Matthew Continetti
April 6, 2018

…It cannot be an accident, for example, that the fiercest battles of the “woke civil war” have been waged over the center-right Times columnists Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss, who have voiced opinions contrary to the hegemonic discourses of the bien pensants relating to climate, Israel, and sex. Their heresies have made Stephens and Weiss the most controversial and criticized employees of the paper. The great desire of their most radical opponents is for them to lose their columns—to be “de-platformed” and therefore rendered politically harmless. READ MORE

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