Another kind of collusion: Clinton and Obama both tried to have Netanyahu defeated in elections

Bill Clinton Admits Campaign Against Netanyahu During 1996 election
by Alex Traiman
April 4, 2018

In an interview, former U.S. President Bill Clinton admitted that he tried to help then-Israeli P.M. Shimon Peres defeat Benjamin Netanyahu during Israel’s elections in 1996, just a year after the assassination of Israeli P.M. Yitzhak Rabin. Clinton stated in an interview on Israel’s Channel 10 News Program that it “would be fair to say” that he assisted in the process to elect Shimon Peres…Clinton has been similarly accused of more successfully aiding Ehud Barak defeat Netanyahu during the 1999 election. Former President Barack Obama similarly tried to have Netanyahu defeated in the most recent 2015 elections [with US taxpayer funds no less]. READ MORE

WASHINGTON POST NGO connected to Obama’s 2008 campaign used U.S. tax dollars trying to oust Netanyahu

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