Yom Hashoah 2018 “As Israel marks its annual Holocaust memorial day, those aging survivors who actively resisted and helped shape the country’s fighting spirit are quickly disappearing” [VIDEO]

As numbers dwindle, Jews who fought Nazis recall struggle
by Aron Heller
April 11, 2018

Israel’s identity is defined by the axiom that never again will Jews be helpless in the face of annihilation. But [Baruch] Shub fears that message is being lost. He is angered that a planned museum to honor Jewish fighters, along with the 1.5 million Jewish World War II veterans, has been bogged down in bureaucratic delays for more than a decade…Still, the live witness accounts pose a powerful rebuke to the current wave of historical revisionism in several eastern European countries seeking to play down their own wartime complicity. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Israel says world’s Jewry is still 2 million shy of 1939 numbers

JNS The futility of ‘never again’ Efforts to universalize the Holocaust have created a belief that anything that isn’t liked can be compared to the Nazis

MIDA We hold YOU in Contempt How frustrating it must be for all of you, after all your zealous attempts to annihilate us, not to see your efforts come to fruition. You’ll pardon me if I don’t express sympathy over your disappointment.

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