The Syria Strike: “Whatever the threats and criticisms that will surely follow, the world will be safer for it”

The Importance of Striking Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center
by Claudia Rosett
April 14, 2018

With air strikes on Syria’s chemical weapons facilities, carried out jointly with Britain and France, America has done the right thing. Leading from in front, President Trump is finally redrawing the red line that President Obama erased in 2013…The vital message is that America is no longer the hamstrung giant of the Obama era. Tyrants such as Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, and his patrons in Moscow and Tehran, have been served notice that it would be unwise to continue to assume that America will waffle, appease or simply retreat while they take upon themselves the shaping — to monstrous effect — of the 21st-century world order. READ MORE

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