Michelle Goldberg in the NYTimes: “It is hard to know where to begin to unpack her lies and deceptions, but let’s try a few”

The Grotesque Spectacle of Michelle Goldberg Throwing Up Her Hate
by Richard Baehr
May 17, 2018

Hamas made  clear what its intentions were, though [Michelle] Goldberg seems to have missed it:  “We will tear down the fence, and tear out the hearts from their bodies” Hamas had offered $100 to every rioter. During previous violent assaults back in April, the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group had been offering $200 to anyone shot by Israelis, $500 for severe injuries and $3,000 to the dead. One would have to be naive to think Hamas did not want to absorb many casualties. Goldberg also offers support for a right of return for Gazans who want “merely to return to homes their families were forced from at Israel’s founding.” Here is another big lie. READ MORE 

This posting refers to this New York Times posting by Michelle Goldberg, A Grotesque Spectacle in Jerusalem

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