Author Michael Chabon has “a remarkable ability to present a one-dimensional reality in which the Jews are evil oppressors and the Palestinians are powerless victims”

How My Graduation Was Ambushed
by Morin Zaray
May 22, 2018

…With great pride, I marched into the Stephen S. Wise Temple sanctuary and sat in the front row. Our commencement speaker, author Michael Chabon, took the stage. Very quickly, it was clear that Chabon, as eloquent as he was, viewed Israel in black-and-white terms. He condemned Israel’s security wall, proclaiming “Security is an invention of humanity’s jailors … putting up the separation barriers and propagandizing hatred and fear of people on the other side of the wall. Security for some means imprisonment for all.” READ MORE

From We urge Hebrew Union College to apologize to the students who were offended by Chabon’s address and call on the institution to make clear that Chabon’s anti-Israel views do not reflect the views of the school. We also encourage you to email directly to the President and Chancellor Emeritus Rabbi David Ellenson at and Dean Joshua David Holo at to express your concerns. Click here to sign the petition protesting Michael Chabon’s anti-Israel speech.

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