“Lambasting progressive Jewry as inauthentic at best, Jonathan Neumann writes that ‘American Judaism is broken because the Jewish Left broke it’”

An author predicts Diaspora Jewry’s death, at the hands of Tikkun Olam liberals
by Matt Lebovic
July 13, 2018

Liberal Jews in the United States have “distorted” Jewish teachings to align with a narrow political agenda, according to the author of a new book called, “To Heal the World? How the Jewish Left Corrupts Judaism and Endangers Israel.”  Published on June 26, the book “sets out to slaughter the sacred cow of Tikkun Olam, at whose udder too many unlearned Jews have suckled,” according to author Jonathan Neumann. He blames American Jewry’s leaders for not only reinventing aspects of their ancient heritage, but also for causing damage to Israel by aligning with groups hostile to the Jewish state. READ MORE

JEWISH PHILANTHROPY Can Israeli Culture Save Jewish Philanthropy? Once a source of unity for the community, support for Israel’s defense has instead become a growing source of division. This however is no more than a symptom of a deeper problem. Simply put, the communal life, culture, and cohesion of the American Jewish community is declining to the point of existential crisis.

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