What do Arabs and leftwing US Jewish leadership have in common? Neither wants Israel to be a Jewish state

The Holographic Nation-State Law
by Caroline Glick
July 26, 2018

…For Israel’s first 60 years, the Federations, like the other major Jewish groups weren’t quick to air their disagreements with Israel’s elected officials. Their gut response was to support Israel and let others attack it. Now the longstanding instinct has been turned on its head. Underlying the Federation’s reactions to the law is a profound discomfort with the fact that Israel is the Jewish state and intends to remain the Jewish state. This pronounced discomfort speaks to a profound shift in Federation values from Zionism to post-Zionism. READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM Reversing support, Bennett says nation-state law must be ‘remedied’ After Druze leaders decry nation-state law as ‎an “extreme act of discrimination” against Israel’s minorities, Education Minister Naftali ‎Bennett acknowledges legislation process was “damaging” • Finance minister: Nation-state law was enacted hastily.

JNS Melanie Phillips: Israel gets it right on the nation-state, while the West fumbles with identity Jews are a nation, and Israel is their nation-state. Its new Nationality Law does what many other nations have done: affirms the national identity of the state. Thus it ratifies Hebrew as its official language, identifies the Jewish calendar as the country’s official calendar, and establishes Independence Day, Memorial Day and Holocaust Remembrance Day as national holidays.

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