“All this noise about the new nation-state law proves that the Jewish national identity is under attack”

No Druze live better and freer than the Druze citizens of Israel
by Atta Farhat
August 3, 2018

There are no Druze in the world who can claim a better and freer life than the Druze citizens of Israel. Don’t you understand, without the Jewish nation there would be death and suffering here like in the rest of the Middle East? Don’t you understand, without the Jewish nation here that suffering would soon extend to Europe? Don’t you understand, the Druze want Israel to be strong, the Druze need Israel to be strong; otherwise, we disappear like the other minorities decimated by Islam? READ MORE

JNS Evelyn Gordon: Critics of nation-state law misunderstand Israel’s constitutional system The new law isn’t meant to be read in isolation, but in concert with other Basic Laws enshrining Israel’s democratic system and fundamental human rights.

YNET The truth about Israel’s Nationality Law This law should have been passed years ago. Since its establishment, Israel has passed 13 Basic Laws that are in many senses equivalent to a constitution. The previous Basic Laws dealt with the separation of powers, with human dignity and liberty, and so on. This law adds an element that was missing: the special character of the state as a Jewish homeland.

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