The Virtue of Nationalism: Hazony’s latest book argues that “the nation-state is the best form of political organization humanity has yet discovered”

Obsolete or Indispensable?
by Evelyn Gordon
August 15, 2018

…[Judaism] is the only great civilization in history that never sought global application of its laws, customs, and religious practices; rather, the Bible explicitly envisioned a limited Jewish state surrounded by other, non-Jewish states. It’s worth emphasizing just how exceptional this is. The other two great monotheistic religions, Christianity and Islam, both sought global domination. At its height, the Muslim empire stretched from Spain to India; Christianity had the Byzantine Empire in the East and the Holy Roman Empire in the West. Almost every major non-monotheistic civilization was also imperial…READ MORE

WALL STREET JOURNAL Yoram Hazony: Why Does Facebook Think I’m ‘Political’? The robots won’t let me advertise my book [“The Virtue of Nationalism”] on nationalism.

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