Sharansky on McCain: “The American people lost a man of rare integrity this week, and I lost a very dear comrade in arms. May his legacy live on”

In memory of McCain’s service to America, Israel and the Jewish people
by Farley Weiss
August 28, 2018

…Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who died on Aug. 25 at age 81, was an extraordinary friend of the Jewish people. He was an outspoken defender of Israel and a close friend of former Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut. The many articles written about McCain and Israel have not included some of the most amazing acts of friendship and love he had for Israel and the Jewish people. Being a member of the local Phoenix Jewish community for 39 years allowed me to meet the senator on a number of occasions, and we were privy to some amazing actions and comments by the senator that have not been widely reported. READ MORE

PJ MEDIA Prayers, Sermons, the Apostles’ Creed: The Inspiring Story of John McCain’s Faith as a POW The Vietnamese starved him and beat him, he suffered dysentery, and his body was permanently scarred by his injuries and the beatings. McCain, a lifelong Episcopalian who attended an evangelical Baptist church, found his strength in prayer.

TIMES OF ISRAEL Natan Sharanksy: John McCain understood why I refused to leave prison The late US senator translated his firsthand knowledge of the horrors of captivity and dictatorship into a lifelong pursuit of justice

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