Democrats accuse (Sex and the City’s Miranda) Cynthia Nixon of being antisemitic

NY State Dems imply Cynthia Nixon ‘anti-Semitic,’ prompting outrage, denials
by Laura Italiano
September 9, 2018

Eleventh-hour campaign mailings from the New York State Democratic Committee imply Cynthia Nixon is anti-Semitic — prompting an online maelstrom of outrage and denials Saturday night, with Gov. Cuomo and the state party calling the mailer a “mistake.” “With anti-Semitism and bigotry on the rise, we can’t take a chance with inexperienced Cynthia Nixon,” reads the mailer, which says it was paid for by the New York State Democratic Committee. It goes on to accuse Nixon of being against the funding of yeshivas — a topic she’s actually dodged — and falsely accuses her of being “silent on the rise of anti-Semitism” and of supporting the BDS movement. READ MORE

NY DAILY NEWS Cynthia Nixon and her supporters slam “anti-Semitism” mailer by Democratic Party

REUTERS Cynthia Nixon casts herself as latest Democratic insurgent in NY governor race In the final days of actress Cynthia Nixon’s insurgent campaign against incumbent New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, she and her supporters have taken to repeating three names as if an incantation: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Andrew Gillum and Ayanna Pressley.

JEWISH JOURNAL Florida Governor Candidate ‘Proud and Pleased’ With Pro-BDS Group’s Endorsement

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