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A decision about restricting religious services offers a window into the two tribes competing for dominance in the country today

TABLET MAG The Supreme Court Emerges as a Microcosm of America by Liel Leibovitz November 25, 2020 Supreme Court decisions rarely make for page turners, but the one handed down last night, siding with Jewish and Catholic groups opposing the … Continue reading

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“Power-drunk NY bureaucrats are now menacing people in the name of public health, ostensibly with the blessing of the governor, who has repeatedly singled out Orthodox Jews”

WASHINGTON EXAMINER New York’s crackdown on Jewish businesses makes no public health sense by Melissa Braunstein October 30, 2020 Nobody is tossing tea into New York Harbor, but restlessness appears to be growing in Brooklyn. Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo complained earlier … Continue reading

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Two governors, two approaches. Florida has proven that a measured, evidence-based response to reopening works

CITY JOURNAL Let the Sun Shine In by Michael Hendrix May 27, 2020 For a moment in April, the Internet tried to cancel Florida. Photos showing crowds flocking to Jacksonville Beach amid the Covid-19 pandemic brought the hashtag #FloridaMorons to the top of … Continue reading

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Democrats accuse (Sex and the City’s Miranda) Cynthia Nixon of being antisemitic

NEW YORK POST NY State Dems imply Cynthia Nixon ‘anti-Semitic,’ prompting outrage, denials by Laura Italiano September 9, 2018 Eleventh-hour campaign mailings from the New York State Democratic Committee imply Cynthia Nixon is anti-Semitic — prompting an online maelstrom of … Continue reading

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Dershowitz: “If you’re anti-Israel, [Sex and City’s] Cynthia Nixon is your candidate.”

FREE BEACON Dershowitz Slams Cynthia Nixon as ‘Anti-Israel’ Candidate in New York Governor’s Race by David Rutz March 20, 2018 Attorney and commentator Alan Dershowitz tore into actress and liberal activist Cynthia Nixon on Twitter as an anti-Israel bigot, before … Continue reading

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