It wasn’t until after Oslo, when “peace” broke out, that the bodies of murdered Israelis began piling up

The Grim Cost of the “Oslo War”
by Guy Millière
September 14, 2018

Terror attacks against Israelis attacks during this “peace” grew even more bloody and more profuse, and soon were being perpetrated at a frantic pace. Some deliberately targeted children and youths, such as the Dolphinarium discotheque massacre and the Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing. Arafat condemned none of them. In September 2000, the Palestinian Authority launched a full scale guerrilla warthat lasted four years and killed more than 1,000 Israelis.It soon became clear that Arafat was not going to give up being a mass murderer. His successor, Mahmoud Abbas, was no better. READ MORE

BEGIN-SADAT CENTER Prof. Efraim Karsh:The Oslo Disaster Revisited: How It Happened Precisely two decades after the failure by the Golda Meir government to identify a willing Arab peace partner triggered the devastating 1973 Yom Kippur war, another Labor government wrought a far worse catastrophe by substituting an unreconstructed terror organization committed to Israel’s destruction for a willing peace partner.

JERUSALEM POST Support for the Oslo Peace Accord’s Principles at All-Time Low When the Peace Index asked “Do you support or not support at present the signing of a peace agreement based on the formula of two states for two peoples?” – only 47% of Israeli Jews said yes.

ALGEMEINER Poll: One-Third of Palestinians, Half of Gazans, Want to Emigrate; Three-Quarters Say Life Was Better Before Oslo Accords

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