Illinois’ Democratic-controlled legislature has left state “more than $7 billion in unpaid bills and a sense among the state’s residents and creditors that Illinois might not be governable anymore”

The Worst Job in American Politics
by Theodoric Meyer
October 05, 2018

Illinois — the sixth-biggest state, by population — has seen its credit rating cut to near-junk status in the decade since the financial crisis. Its bonds are now considered as risky as those of Russia and Romania. Its pension system is in worse shape than that of almost any other state. Springfield, the state capital, has grown so paralyzed that Illinois’ own governor compared the state to “a banana republic.” And a bitter standoff between Rauner, a Republican, and Democrats in the state Legislature has left Illinois more than $7 billion in unpaid bills…READ MORE

NORTH COOK NEWS Republican Barrett Davie accuses opponent of doing the ‘Highland Park Hustle’ with taxpayer money  Barrett Davie, a self-described independent Republican running in the 29th Senate District, has about 150 million reasons why he thinks voters still haven’t forgiven Sen. Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield). “In 2016, Senator Julie Morrison sneakily passed a law to enable a plan to add $150 million in new debt and $700 in higher property taxes only for taxpayers in Highland Park and Highwood,” Davie recently posted on Facebook.

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