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“If elected #Illinois governor in November, #JBPritzker will wear his sash and carry silver trays of sliced apples to Boss Madigan and wait to be told when to propose his whopping tax increase”

CHICAGO TRIBUNE Come back to Rauner? Or let ‘Toilets’ Pritzker wear a sash while Boss Madigan rules Illinois? by John Kass October 19, 2018 The November elections in Illinois aren’t about some Democratic revenge fantasy, punishing President Donald Trump for … Continue reading

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Illinois’ Democratic-controlled legislature has left state “more than $7 billion in unpaid bills and a sense among the state’s residents and creditors that Illinois might not be governable anymore”

POLITICO The Worst Job in American Politics by Theodoric Meyer October 05, 2018 …Illinois — the sixth-biggest state, by population — has seen its credit rating cut to near-junk status in the decade since the financial crisis. Its bonds are … Continue reading

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Illinois: “In 2018, Rauner will try to enlist voters in the constructive demolition of the “blue model”

STAR TRIBUNE Illinois, a looming battle over the bankrupting ‘blue model’ by George Will November 16, 2017 …This state’s story, which lately has been depressing, soon will acquire a riveting new chapter. In 2018 Illinois will have the nation’s most … Continue reading

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Chicago Trib Editorial Board: “Gov. Rauner, Speaker Madigan and President Cullerton: Grab your shovels. Dig us out”

CHICAGO TRIBUNE What’s so great about the Hoosier state? It’s not Illinois. Editorial Board August 25, 2017 …It’s no longer surprising when an Illinois company leaves for Indiana…Why? Because Indiana is one of the best states in the nation for … Continue reading

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“Dold has said forthrightly and repeatedly that he would not support Trump and would likely write in a candidate for president in November. He’s not alone”

CHICAGO TRIBUNE How Democratic operatives exploit Trump’s defects in other Illinois races Editorial Board July 15, 2016 …Yes, Trump casts a long shadow. But the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] ads are a stretch, especially in Dold’s case. Dold has said … Continue reading

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In Illinois, a singularly dangerous idea: “There are no councils to represent the interests of other faiths in Illinois, and the likely leaders of this council are from the same band urging the Federal government towards censorship of criticism”

COUNTER JIHAD Illinois To Create Official State Government Muslim Council? by Bruce Cornibe July 7, 2016 At the end of an especially bloody month of Ramadan, which included the worst terror attack in America since 9/11, some politicians and lawmakers feel … Continue reading

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Illinois Governor Rauner, joining other governors, says ‘no’ to additional Syrian refugees

CHICAGO TRIBUNE Rauner halts new Syrian refugees in Illinois by Monique Garcia and John Byrne November 16, 2015 Gov. Bruce Rauner announced Monday that Illinois will temporarily stop taking in new Syrian refugees, joining seven other Republican governors in the … Continue reading

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Chicago Jewish Star joins Trib and Daily Herald endorsing Dold

RICHARD BAEHR October 15, 2014 The Daily Herald endorses Bob Dold. The Chicago Tribune endorses Bob Dold. And now the Chicago Jewish Star endorses Bob Dold. It is highly unusual for an incumbent to be rejected by the major local … Continue reading

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Chicago Tribune endorses Bruce Rauner, to revive Illinois

CHICAGO TRIBUNE by Editorial Board October 10, 2014 You don’t see it in satellite photos, or from the Mississippi River gazing east. But Illinois has shrunk. If you’ve lived here for a while, you sense it: A place that for … Continue reading

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