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Can someone criticize George Soros without being a Jew-hater?

BREITBART John Kass Defies Chicago Tribune Cancel Culture: ‘I Will Not Apologize for Writing About Soros’ by Joel B. Pollak July 29, 2020 Columnist John Kass has defied “cancel culture” at the Chicago Tribune after members of the journalists’ union … Continue reading

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“President Trump and Senator McConnell may be tempted to tell the Democratic states, like Illinois, to get lost. Mr. Stoll offers an alternative approach — using the sudden federal financial leverage “to demand policy reforms that would diminish the long-term structural dysfunctionality” of the mendicant states”

NEW YORK SUN State Bailouts: ‘Beyond Galling,’ ‘Shameless,’ Too Editorial Board April 20, 2020 The drama of profligate states using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to seek federal bailouts to paper over long-term mismanagement has finally found a Pavarotti … Continue reading

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Chicago Tribune Ignores Own Reports on Islamist Group

CLARION PROJECT by Ryan Mauro March 13, 2015 It’s ironic that the Chicago Tribune itself published a series of articles about Islamist groups in the US, including the group in question. The Chicago Tribune printed a story on March 12 dismissing … Continue reading

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University of Illinois sued by Steven Salaita

CHICAGO TRIBUNE by Jodi Cohen November 17, 2014 Controversial professor Steven Salaita, whose job offer at the University of Illinois was rescinded after he made anti-Israel comments on social media, filed a lawsuit Monday alleging that the university has violated … Continue reading

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Chicago Jewish Star joins Trib and Daily Herald endorsing Dold

RICHARD BAEHR October 15, 2014 The Daily Herald endorses Bob Dold. The Chicago Tribune endorses Bob Dold. And now the Chicago Jewish Star endorses Bob Dold. It is highly unusual for an incumbent to be rejected by the major local … Continue reading

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Chicago Tribune Endorsement : Dold over Schneider

CHICAGO TRIBUNE Editorial Board October 13, 2014 The Tribune begins endorsements today for the U.S. House, starting with one of the most closely watched races in the country. Democratic Rep. Brad Schneider, a Deerfield management consultant, wrested the 10th Congressional … Continue reading

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