Brooke Goldstein on Canary Mission: “Why do we have to be afraid to publicly expose those who are rabidly anti-Semitic? Have we learned nothing from our tragic past?”

Students support Canary Mission fight against ‘institutionalized, tolerated anti-Semitism’
by Jackson Richman and Alex Traiman
October 22, 2018

The controversial Canary Mission—an anonymous campus watchdog group that exposes organizations, academics and activists that demonize Israel on college campuses—recently came under fire when the San Francisco Jewish Federation indicated that it would no longer facilitate private-donor funding of the group. Articles in The Forward blasted the organization as “shadowy” for refusing to identify its leadership and sources of funding. Yet for pro-Israel student activists who are actively fighting against intensifying bigotry and intimidation on universities throughout North America, the work of Canary Mission provides useful tools in the war against campus anti-Semitism. READ MORE

CANARY MISSION #Twitter “locks” #CanaryMission for exposing #JewHatred 2 things you can do to help 1) Text TWITTER support: “I am appalled that you have locked the account of @canarymission, and denied their appeal three times. Canary Mission’s sole purpose is to expose hatred and bigotry! Their account is a vital service to the public, please reinstate it fully immediately. Thank you” 2) Tweet @Twitter in support of @CanaryMission and against their decision to lock the account.

DAILY BRUIN US Rep. Brad Sherman, Chancellor Block exchange letters on SJP and free speech Chancellor Gene Block said in a letter addressed to U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman that the university would not cancel a national conference the congressman finds exclusionary and anti-Semitic. Sherman, who represents the eastern San Fernando Valley and Western Simi Hills, wrote a letter to Block urging him to cancel a national conference for Students for Justice in Palestine branches from universities across the country. 

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