“Are they naifs, idiots, or are they just playing with foreign policy to make life a little harder for Trump?”

What Is Saudi Arabia to Us?
by Angelo Codevilla
November 27th, 2018

It seems that Saudi Arabia’s rulers murdered an opponent. The U.S. media and political class is shocked, shocked, to find that murder is going on in such precincts. Who did they imagine the Muslim world’s leaders are? Moreover, our chattering class demands that President Trump do whatever it takes to make sure that they do nothing like that again. Do what? Does anyone really think that swapping sheik A for sheik B would improve their kind’s moral standards? Do they have any idea of what keeps A on top of B, what it would take to switch them, or what the repercussions would be in foreign policy? READ MORE

AMERICAN THINKER Thomas Lifson: At last: A little realism on Saudi Arabia Then, if you have time and want to get a sense of the sort of analysis that Codevilla mocks, read this very long essay in the Washington Post by David Ignatius (below).  He is far from stupid, and he knows a lot, but he is a prisoner of the assumptions Americans like to make about others – that they are simply waiting to become just like us.

WASHINGTON POST David Ignatius: The Khashoggi killing had roots in a cutthroat Saudi family feud

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