Is Trump good or bad for Israel?

What Bret Stephens Missed About Trump and Israel
by Ira Stoll
December 27, 2018

“Donald Trump Is Bad For Israel,” is the headline of Bret Stephens’ column in The New York Times on Thursday…Stephens could be right that Trump’s limited pullback, if not full retreat, from the liberal internationalism or “Democratic realism” of some prior administration could be bad for Israel. But there’s a counterargument that Stephens doesn’t mention, let alone rebut, and that is worth considering. READ MORE

NEW YORK TIMES Bret Stephens: Donald Trump Is Bad for Israel He shows no interest in pushing Russia out of Syria. He has neither articulated nor pursued any coherent strategy for pushing Iran out of Syria. He has all but invited Turkey to interfere in Syria. He has done nothing to prevent Iran from continuing to arm Hezbollah.

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