New Yorker article “full of mistakes, lies, and obfuscations — but mostly, an effort to delegitimize the Jewish presence in Hebron by casting it in a dark light”

The New Yorker Promotes Far-Left, Radical Islamist Team-Up Against Israel
by Yishai Fleisher
January 28, 2019

Recently, The New Yorker printed a hit-piece against the Jews living in the heart of Judea entitled, “A Guided Tour of Hebron, from Two Sides of the Occupation.”…Not surprisingly, the Jewish story of Hebron is also missing in The New Yorker’s narrative. Jews have been living in Hebron for 3,200 years, almost without interruption, sometimes as an ethnic majority, and other times as an ethnic minority. That ended in a horrific act of ethnic cleansing, when an Islamist riot ripped through Hebron in 1929 murdering 67 Jewish men, women, and children, and which led to the British ousting of Hebron’s Jews. In the 1967 Six Day War, Israel took control of Hebron, and Jews began to repatriate the city. READ MORE

IM TIRZU Victory! EAPPI Flees Hebron After months during which Im Tirtzu has been continuously filming in Hebron to expose and disrupt the anti-Israel activities of EAPPI – the “Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel” run by the World Council of Churches – they announced this morning that they are leaving Hebron! Prior to our efforts of ‘filming the filmers’ and ‘shaming the shamers’ who work against Israel, EAPPI members roamed Hebron and harassed the Jewish residents and IDF soldiers with impunity.

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