Trump’s Deal of the Century: Ambassador Dermer quipped, “They say that the key to peace is low expectations. So I think you are well underway.” The comment drew laughter from the crowd”

Dermer: Trump peace plan will take Israel’s ‘vital interests’ into account
April 16, 2019

Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer addressed the much-anticipated Trump Mideast peace plan in remarks at the White House pre-Passover reception on Tuesday.  “I know a lot of people are concerned that the peace plan is going to be coming out soon. But I have to say, as Israel’s ambassador, I am confident that this administration — given its support for Israel — will take Israel’s vital concerns into account in any plan they will put forward,” Dermer said in remarks obtained by Jewish Insider.  READ MORE

Shmuley Boteach: Why is Alan Dershowitz Pressuring Israel for a Palestinian State?
“Mazal tov to IsraeliPM Netanyahu, who I’ve known since he was a student at MIT,” Dershowitz tweeted, before adding that he was “waiting for the new peace plan to be implemented.” He then specified exactly how it had to be done: “[It’s] time for a fair two-state solution that assures Israel’s security.” Firstly, someone ought to notify Dershowitz that Netanyahu is no longer a student at MIT. 

WASHINGTON TIMES Daniel Pipes; Anticipating Trump’s ‘deal of the century…The purported deal contains many elements favorable to the Palestinians: Palestine consists of Areas A and B on the West Bank in their entirety and parts of Area C; in all, it will constitute 90 percent of the West Bank; The capital is within or near Jerusalem’s expansive municipal boundaries, perhaps in an area stretching from Shuafat to Isawiya, Abu Dis and Jabal Mukabar…Jewish residents in smaller West Bank towns are relocated; A land passage connects the West Bank and Gaza…

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