Snoop Dogg “ignoring Farrakhan’s history of antisemitism, rapper calls on fans to share videos by Nation of Islam leader, excoriates Facebook over ban”

Rapper Snoop Dogg backs Farrakhan following Facebook ban
by David Rosenberg
May 6, 2019

Rapper Calvin Broadus, better known by his stage name ‘Snoop Dogg’, expressed support for Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Friday, and excoriated Facebook and Instagram for removing Farrakhan’s accounts …Following the ban, Snoop Dogg took to Instagram and Facebook to decry Farrakhan’s removal, questioning the basis of the ban and calling on his fans to share videos by the controversial Chicago-based minister. “I want to know for what? All that he ever do was tell the truth, for which y’all gonna ban him now.” READ MORE

BLOOMBERG Facebook Bans Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Other Far-Right Figures Facebook Inc. said it’s banning a number of controversial far-right figures, including Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and Laura Loomer, for violating the social-media company’s policies on hate speech and promoting violence. The company is also blocking religious leader Louis Farrakhan, who is known for sharing anti-Semitic views; Paul Nehlen, a white nationalist who ran for Congress in 2018; and conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson.

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