“A few years back, another Hebron Arab, Muhammad Jabber, went out on a limb for peace and suffered (i.e. humiliated and tortured by the Palestinian Authority) as a result”

The Fascinating First-Person Tale Of The Kosher Iftar Of Hebron, Israel
by Yishai Fleisher
May 31, 2019

A few weeks ago, the leaders of the Jewish community of Hebron, Israel got an invitation to an Iftar celebration — the traditional Muslim nightly feast at the end of each day of the month-long Ramadan daytime fast — in the Jabari section of Arab-run Hebron. The location was not surprising to us since we have been working for years with the host, Sheikh Ashraf Jabari, a businessman, and a local clan chieftain…As we approached the Jabari house for the Iftar, we could tell that the atmosphere was going to be festive. Yet one thing was glaring: This event was super-secured — not by a team of Israeli sharpshooters, but by dozens of Jabari’s Arab private security guards. READ MORE

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