Newton, MA: Orthodox rabbi quotes Isaiah, warning Jewish community who turned a blind eye to antisemitic curriculum, “Your destroyers and demolishers will come from your own”

The high school battle in Newton, Mass.: Orthodox rabbis come to the front lines
by Charles Jacobs
June 11, 2019

The Israel-bashing problem so prevalent now on North American college campuses has now reached into high schools. Under the guise of teaching history, social studies, conflict resolution or “peace studies,” curriculum mills hostile to the Jewish state are spreading anti-Israel “lessons” throughout the nation’s public high schools. The biased curricula are designed to be easy to use with formats familiar to teachers, many of whom, we now know, have themselves imbibed anti-Israel lessons in the politicized education departments of American universities. The curricula reflect Arabist propaganda, Muslim dogma and leftist ideology, including that of the anti-Israel Jewish left—all masquerading as historical fact. READ MORE

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