Gibson’s Bakery vs Oberlin “I suspect the jury hated Oberlin and its students and wanted to punish both”

Jury awards Gibson’s Bakery $33 million in punitive damages
by Thomas Lifson
June 14, 2019

It appears that the ordinary folk who live in proximity to hyper-progressive campuses are fed-up with being the objects of false accusations of racism (and all the other imaginary offenses ending in …isms and …phobia), and want to incentivize change in academia. The same jury that awarded a local bakery $11.3 million in compensatory damages from Oberlin College (for background on the case see thisthisthis and this) added another $33 million in punitive damages, intended to send a message to the defendant and to similar institutions that such behavior is strongly discouraged. READ MORE

POWERLINE The Jury Hated Oberlin In my view, the main significance of the jury’s verdict is that it shows how normal people react when they are exposed to today’s campus leftism. You cannot sell to a normal person the idea that it is “racism” for a store to catch a student stealing a bottle of wine, and call the police, merely on account of the student’s skin color. Social justice warrior culture is insane…

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