ISIS fighter Sayyaf Daoud defends Israel: “Israel is a democracy in which he has not seen injustice and in which Arabs and Jews live together and are treated equally”

Captured Israeli-Arab ISIS fighter Sayyaf Sharif Daoud: Israel isn’t nearly as bad as Assad’s regime; Israel treats Arabs justly, equally to Jews
Interview with Feras Kilani
July 16, 2019

Sayyaf Sharif Daoud, a captured Israeli-Arab ISIS fighter who holds Israeli citizenship, said in a July 16, 2019 interview on BBC Arabic (U.K.) with correspondent Feras Kilani that he had joined ISIS instead of the Palestinian resistance because his experience of having lived through the Second Intifada and of having lived in the West Bank and in Israel had taught him that Israel “has not done one percent of what Bashar Al-Assad has done.” He explained that despite the fighting, Israel has never raped women or brutally killed people like the Assad regime has. Daoud also said that his father had warned him against joining Hamas and Fatah, and he expressed regret at having joined ISIS…READ MORE

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