“Illinois’ Northwestern University officially collaborates with Al Jazeera, the biggest anti-American and Islamist extremist propaganda outlet in the world”

Northwestern University Partners with Al Jazeera
by Ryan Mauro and Alex VanNess
July 22, 2019

…Al Jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar, which is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on lobbyists, think-tanks and U.S. universities to influence American public opinion and policy so it can get away with aiding and supporting Al-Qaeda, the Iranian regime, Hamas and the Muslim BrotherhoodThe relationship between Northwestern University and Al Jazeera began in 2008 when the Qatar Foundation, a “charity” linked to terrorism and controlled by the Qatari regime, funded the establishment of a campus in Qatar for Northwestern University (NU-Q). Since 2012, Northwestern University has received over $340 million from Qatar. READ MORE

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