“Ben Rhodes portrays the demolitions as examples of ethnic cleansing, writing that the Jewish state destroys Palestinian homes precisely because Palestinians live in them. The truth completely contradicts his claims”

Progressives Discard the Truth to Demonize Israel
by Aaron Kliegman
July 25, 2019

It should not be surprising, then, to see [Ben] Rhodes lie and mislead to demonize Israel. He did just that earlier this week, retweeting a story on Israeli crews demolishing Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem with the added message: “Imagine having your home destroyed just because of who you are, and that being the point.” Naturally, [Ilhan] Omar and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) both endorsed Rhodes’s tweet. To say that Rhodes mischaracterized the situation would be a radical understatement. It is possible that Rhodes is remarkably ignorant about Israeli affairs and did not read the article, but he is an intelligent man who presumably follows international news closely. READ MORE


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