Will Brexit crisis sink Boris Johnson and “bring to power Labour’s far-left, venomously anti-Israel leader Jeremy Corbyn”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
Is Boris Johnson good for the Jews?
by Melanie Phillips
July 27, 2019

…A rather more accurate assessment, although hardly less unsettling, may be that although he does have genuinely warm feelings towards Jews and the State of Israel, he is also (despite his Brexiteer credentials) a liberal universalist. That means he believes that everyone is a rational actor, which means he thinks everyone is susceptible to appeals to temporal self-interest, that murderous fanaticism is caused by material circumstances, and that therefore deals can and should be done with the devil. As a result of these illusions, despite his warm feelings he may not always act in the best interests of Israel or the Jewish people. READ MORE

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