Texas Jewish inmate Randy Halprin is scheduled for execution next month: “I didn’t intend the death of that officer. I didn’t shoot him. I didn’t pull my gun”

A judge who sentenced a Jewish inmate used anti-Semitic slurs, lawyers say. They want a new trial before he’s executed.
by Timothy Bella
September 6, 2019

…Halprin, who was serving a 30-year sentence for injury to a child before fleeing with the “Texas 7” gang of prison escapees, was found guilty days after his testimony, and it did not take long for Dallas County District Judge Vickers “Vic” Cunningham to give him the death penalty. But as Halprin was sentenced to die, the judge who sent him to death row referred to him by an anti-Semitic slur and as “that f—in’ Jew,” while adding that Jews “needed to be shut down because they controlled all the money,” according to attorneys for Halprin. READ MORE

HAARETZ U.S. Jewish Groups Call to Halt Execution of Inmate Who Says His Judge Was anti-Semitic “Mr. Halprin’s trial judge, who presided over the death-penalty trial, made critical decisions about what evidence the jury would hear, and sentenced Mr. Halprin to die, was biased against Mr. Halprin, referring to him as a “f****n’ Jew” and a “G*****n k**e”

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