Jews and Arabs saving each other’s lives

Jews and Arabs donate kidneys to each other when original recipients were not suitable
from YNET
September 20, 2019

Twenty-four hours before the dramatic moment the polls opened, two Jewish men and two Arab women faced their own dramatic moment: a chain of operations that saved the lives of two of them. Ido from the religious community of Hoshaya intended to donate a kidney altruistically to Israel, which he did not know before, but unfortunately he was found unsuitable for matching. So did Aida Mashfaram, who intended to donate a kidney to her sister-in-law Hanan, but the results of the tests showed that this would not be possible. At Rambam Hospital, the four proposed a “chain of transplants”, which led to Aida donating her kidney to Israel, while Ido donated a kidney to Hanan. READ MORE

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