Columbia University’s Global Leaders Forum welcomes Mahathir Mohamad, antisemite

Columbia University celebrates anti-Semitism
by Clifford D. May
October 2, 2019

There are very few Jews in Malaysia. I know because I checked with the intelligence community — or at least looked it up in the CIA World Factbook. But my point is that even though Malaysia has very few Jews, it apparently has its share of Jew-haters. Why should Malaysians miss out on this ancient yet increasingly fashionable brand of bigotry Malaysia’s most celebrated Jew-hater is Mahathir Mohamad, the country’s 94-year-old former prime minister. Last week, Columbia University joined in the celebration. Ben Cohen of the Algemeiner was apparently the only reporter who considered the event significant enough to cover. READ MORE

BEGIN SADAT CENTER Dr Manfred Gerstenfeld: Berlin, Capital of European Antisemitism Berlin has surpassed Malmö as Europe’s antisemitism capital, with a wide variety of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel attitudes on display. They include dozens of cases of physical aggression against Jews, including rabbis. Jewish pupils have had to leave public schools. Thirty-five percent of Berliners view Israelis as analogous to Nazis. 

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