“The key question that has been endlessly discussed is whether or not AG Mandelblit will end Netanyahu’s political career by indicting him on corruption charges”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
Netanyahu, the media and the fate of Israeli democracy
by Caroline Glick
October 20, 2019

For nearly a year, Israeli politics have been in a state of chaos because of the criminal probes. The probes played a central role in the April Knesset elections and arguably were the primary reason that Netanyahu failed to form a coalition despite his electoral victory. Today the probes and [Attorney General] Mandelblit’s deliberations are the primary reason that no one can form a government in the wake of last month’s repeat elections. If Israel holds a third election in the coming months, the probes will again be the central issue determining both the result and the ability of whoever wins to form a government. READ MORE

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