Omar rails against the West that had zero to do with her own people’s barbarism. By the way, it was the “Western Imperialists” that rescued her family and gave them asylum

Omar Rails Against “Western Imperialism”
by John Hinderaker
November 4, 2019

Yesterday Bernie Sanders held a rally on the campus of the University of Minnesota, at which he was introduced by Ilhan Omar. Attorney General Keith Ellison also appeared in support of Sanders’ presidential campaign. The rally was successful, with thousand of adoring far-leftists attending. Omar sounded like an unreconstructed Marxist, calling for “a mass movement of the working class” and assuring her listeners that Sanders will “fight against Western imperialism.” It’s 1969 all over again! READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM Clifford May: Selective anti-imperialism Right now, people in Hong Kong, Iraq and Lebanon are putting their lives on the line in struggles against oppressive empire builders. Ms. Omar, Mr. Sanders and others who fancy themselves anti-imperialists show not the slightest concern for them.

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