IDF “pursuing active campaign of removing threats as it detects them, relying on intelligence and precision firepower to deal with ongoing Iranian challenges from Syria”

By striking in Syria, Israel sends clear message to Iran that it will not be deterred
by Yaakov Lappin
November 20, 2019

Israel launched a broad wave of precision airstrikes early on Wednesday morning, hitting dozens of Iranian and Syrian military targets, and sending a very strong message that Israel is rejecting Iran’s attempt to force new “rules of the game” against it. Most of the Iranian military targets that were hit were situated within Syrian military bases, underlying the Iranian tactic of embedding and disguising its threatening presence within the Syrian Arab Army. According to international media reports, 23 people, including 16 “foreigners”—an apparent reference to Iranian operatives—were killed in the strikes. READ MORE

THE DRIVE Video Appears To Show Syrian SAMs Flying Into The Ground During Israeli Raid The Syrian government claimed that their air defenses shot down the majority of Israeli missiles before they struck their targets, a highly predictable and dubious statement to say the least. In fact, a video shows what appears to be Syrian surface-to-air missiles flying directly into the ground shortly after launch.

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