“The more successful Trump’s reality-based policies towards Iran and Israel are, the harder it will be for the foreign policy establishment to restore their delusion-based policies when he leaves power”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
Donald Trump and the mythmakers
by Caroline Glick
January 10, 2020

For the past 40-odd years, two narratives have guided American Middle East policy. Both were invented by the Carter administration. One relates to Iran. One relates to Israel. Both narratives reject reality as the basis for foreign policy decision-making in favor of delusion. Over the past two months, President Donald Trump has rejected and disavowed them both. His opponents are apoplectic…If Trump’s reality-based policies succeed, he will dismantle their foreign policy legacy. All their protestations of wisdom, all their fancy resumes and titles as former senior officials will lose their allure and market value. READ MORE

NY SUN Editorial Board Trump on Iran: Appeasement Is Over What gets us about all this is the total unwillingness of the Democrats to take any responsibility for the catastrophe of the appeasement they pursued so ardently. On the contrary, with the stench of battle still over the bases in Iraq where Iran tried to rocket our GIs, Mr. Kerry issued an op-ed piece casting blame for any war that might result on — wait for it — the Americans.

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