“Atlantic” honors documentary featuring unhinged conspiracy theory, “one worthy of noted antisemites like Henry Ford, Mel Gibson, or David Icke”

The Atlantic Peddles Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories in Featured “Documentary”
by Karen Bekker
February 13, 2020

The Atlantic, a century-and-a-half-old, well-respected publication, now includes on its website a video series that it describes as, “a showcase of cinematic short documentary films, curated by The Atlantic.” On Tuesday, February 11, the publication posted Mahdi Fleifel’s “I Signed the Petition, and Now I’m Freaking Out,” produced by Nakba Filmworks, and it quickly moved up to the list’s most-watched spot. The introduction to this video, written by Emily Buder, relays that it captures an actual conversation between filmmaker Fleifel and a friend named Faris who lives in the UK. In the course of the conversation, Faris makes wild claims about Israel that are not only untrue, they are so farfetched that they veer into conspiracy theory territory. READ MORE

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