Ted Cruz attacked by ADL: “Another instance of playing partisan politics reveals how dangerously ADL has lost its way”

Does the ADL know what anti-Semitism is?
by Liel Leibovitz
February 20, 2020

Is it anti-Semitic to argue that Michael Bloomberg is using his enormous personal wealth and ownership of a large media outlet to skew the Democratic primary process? The answer, if you’re remotely honest, is no: A Bezos, Gates, or Koch sprinkling millions in a mad dash effort to blow all competitors out of the race would’ve received the same scrutiny, and rightly so. With two Jews in prime position to win their party’s presidential nomination, and with virulent and violent anti-Semitism raging on both left and right, you would think a venerable historic organization dedicated to fighting the defamation of Jews would play a central role in keeping the national conversation elevated and making sure that anti-Semitic slights and slurs aren’t used as cheap political currency. READ MORE

ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA ZOA Urges ADL: Apologize for Falsely Accusing Senator Ted Cruz of Antisemitism The Senator’s innocent tweet about Mayor Bloomberg’s media buys was not antisemitic. Moreover, Senator Cruz is a major supporter, defender and friend of Israel, and has done and continues to do extraordinary work on behalf of the Jewish people – including leading Congressional efforts to combat antisemitism.

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