Khaled Salem, a pro-Israel Arab Democrat in primary to unseat Chuck Schumer

Schumer-Challenger: Israel is “NATO’s South-Eastern Flank”
by Mark Langfan
June 22, 2021

Khaled Salem, a naturalized American Arab running in the Democrat primary to unseat Sen. Chuck Schumer, has a simple message for President Biden: Israel is a “vital” ally protecting NATO’s “southeastern flank.” While congratulating the new Israeli Government, Salem makes clear that Israel is in terrible danger from Iran. The release states that Salem “has repeatedly implored the US government to ‘open its eyes and admit the real danger’ of Iran’s role in trying to annihilate Israel.” Salem goes on to quote the famed Holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel, by stating “If we’ve learned anything from the Nazi Holocaust, if someone says they are going to kill you, believe it.” READ MORE

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