“The Jewish community leadership has become so wedded to the new “progressive” ideology that it forbids community discussions, inquiries or challenges to it”

America’s failing Jewish establishment:
The case of the Rochester Federation

by Patti Munter
June 21, 2021

…My Federation’s accommodation, if not adoption of this new dispensation, especially its negative treatment of Israel, has been noticed: Back in 2014, I had coffee with a lovely white Christian minister active in the BDS movement. She spends much of her time taking a pro-BDS roadshow to churches across New York State. I explained to her how misguided she is, especially given the history of the Christian church. She seemed surprised. She told me she had assumed every Jew was pro-BDS. Why? She is part of an invitation-only New Testament interfaith Bible study held at the local Federation. The head of the Federation had never brought up BDS, she explained to me. READ MORE

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