“The mayor’s targeting of Jews as pandemic scofflaws was outrageous, yet it shows the way the virus brings out the dictator in some politicians”

What’s behind de Blasio’s anti-Semitic outburst? The authoritarian impulse
by Jonathan Tobin
April 30, 2020

…Nor is there any way to treat this as a simple misunderstanding. As numerous observers immediately pointed out, it’s impossible to imagine de Blasio’s damning sentence with the words “African-American” or “Hispanic” or “LGBTQ” substituted for “Jewish.” So it was unsurprising, yet still encouraging, that the reaction to his screed was virtually unanimous with individuals and groups from across the political and religious spectrum, unreservedly condemning the mayor’s intemperate and unjustified willingness to treat the question of how to limit the damage from the contagion as a “Jewish” one. READ MORE

THE FORWARD NYPD helped plan chaotic Orthodox funeral de Blasio blamed on ‘Jewish Community’ New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio blamed “the Jewish community” for a Brooklyn funeral procession that broke social distancing rules, yet New York City police officers helped arrange the event, the Forward has learned“It was strictly through NYPD’s permission,” said Moshe Weiser, a long-time liaison between police and the Hasidic community in Williamsburg, where the procession took place. 

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